10 Ways to Optimize Your Website and Increase Conversions

18 May 2018

10 Ways to Optimize Your Website and Increase Conversions

Your website. It’s the nerve center of your company’s digital presence. So you want it to look and feel like a million bucks. But even more important, you want it to purr like a lion in the performance department and perfectly execute its purpose: to convert looky-loos and tire-kickers into loyal, paying customers.

So we’ve compiled a list of 10 ways to optimize your website to increase conversions. Make these changes and track the numbers, and you’ll be amazed at how much the needle moves.

So without further ado, here are 10 of the most effective ways to get your visitors to click or call. . .

Mobile Optimize (…duh)

You’re practically hemorrhaging potential sales if your website doesn’t look sleek and function well on a smartphone. This one tops the list for many reasons, but this statistic alone should stop you in your tracks: mobile users account for 56% of all web traffic. Boom! Get mobile optimized and you can practically double your bizz overnight.

Site Load Time. . . don’t be the tortoise

A little web analytics company called Kissmetrics 😉 has found that a whopping 40% of people abandon sites that take more than 3 seconds to load. Impatient bast*%#s! Easy now. . . let’s harness the anger, give ‘em what they want and give it to ‘em FAST! No excuses here. Ditch the old-school Flash design and compress those obnoxiously large photo files. . . this alone will help immensely.

Clean House

Too many sites muddle up their message with clutter of all kinds. Do some spring cleaning and eliminate the distractions. Multiple font types and colors, not enough margin, poorly-designed icons. . . and the list goes on. If necessary, get a pro designer involved (we know a guy). Because just like at home, you want your visitors to feel relaxed and comfy, not stressed and overwhelmed.

Storytell Your Value Prop

Although great design is crucial, design alone will never sell anything. You need words. No! You need the right words with the right voice and tone that’ll grab your ideal customer and whisper sweet nothings into. . . wait. What? Get smart and learn how to write magnetic copy. Or, you can always hire a copywriter to package your offer into a compelling narrative that inspires action.

Focus on the Headlines

Heads and subheads — make ‘em sing! A delicious headline is the golden thread that compels your visitors to read on. So learn the skill. Things like adding mystery, striving for clarity, and appealing to the “How to. . .” reflex will snag your visitors’ attention and reel ‘em in.

Prominent Call-to-Action (CTA)

Book a demo. Call now. Sign-up. Get your neon speedos now! Huh? These CTA’s literally tell your visitor what action you want them to take. It’s smart to place a CTA button above the fold of your site, but this isn’t always the case. Experiment and test what works best for your design and offer. It’s also best practice to have a single CTA on each individual page of your site. Trust us, your speedos will sell like hot cakes.

The Social Proof is in the Puddin’

Positive reviews and testimonials — they’re worth more than you know. If you have ‘em, pepper those puppies throughout your site and always next to a CTA. If you don’t have any testimonials, reach out to select (satisfied) customers and ask them to write a sentence or two. This adds social proof to your offer and’ll do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to converting customers.

Eliminate the Risk

If you really want to boost your conversions, make a promise in the form of a guarantee. 100% satisfaction! Money-back! Lifetime guarantee! Like a shot of whiskey, a guarantee will cut the edge and make your prospect WAY more likely to follow through with the purchase. The best part about it? It costs you nothing and shows that you’re willing to put your money where your mouth is.

Live Chat Plugins

Another sleek way to optimize your website to increase conversions is by adding a live chat plugin. You’ve probably seen these smart little chat boxes in the bottom corner of your favorite site. They allow your visitors to get answers to all of their burning questions. It’s like having a real-life salesperson loitering around your site, day and night, ready to take your prospect by the hand and walk them through the buying journey. Technology. . . ain’t it grand?

Test! Test! Test!

The beauty of internet marketing is that you can track everything and test variations until you nail down exactly what works and toss out the rest. The site with the best conversion rates are constantly tweaking design elements, web copy, CTA’s, and more. And you should be too.

So if your website is turning up lackluster results, take the time to optimize. If it seems a bit too intimidating or otherwise out of your wheelhouse, feel free to reach out to your friends here at Coachella Media. We’ve got website optimization experts who can plug the holes, identify new opportunities to increase conversions, and get your site humming like a well-oiled machine.

Get in touch today. . .

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