Welcome to Coachella Media

Who the heck are we? And what’s it like working with us? We thought you’d never ask.

Imagine rushing into a burning building and sprinting up five flights of stairs, and now hearing the cries of an old lady, you break down her door and battle the flames to rescue her and her cat. . . and now you’re on national television, and now the Mayor names a day after you. And now you’re feelin’ pretty darn good, right? Hey, not all heroes wear capes.

That feeling — bottle it up and slap a Coachella Media label on it, because that’s pretty much how it feels working with us (and we’re not even cat people).

Theatrics aside, your project is our pleasure. From custom websites and SEO, to copywriting and explainer videos — we do it all. . . with the lights on.


Our team of creative geniuses rally behind your project, and we go till we get it right. Think Santa’s workshop, only instead of elves you get a thousand little Einstein’s working around the clock to make your company — your brand — stand head and shoulders above your competition.

Yeah we know, this is supposed to be the ‘About Us’ page. But really, we’re all about you. You’re the hero in this story. And heroes are smart. Heroes like quality work at super (duper) competitive prices. And heroes are bold enough to shout it from the rooftops that Coachella Media is their one-stop-shop for all their marketing and digital media desires.

Look, we know you’re busy with the bravery thing. So go slay some dragons, and let us take care of the rest.


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