Facebook vs. Instagram. . .

18 May 2018

Facebook vs. Instagram. . .

It’s the battle of the social media titans. And the heavyweight contenders? The Zuckerberg-backed dopamine-slingin’ Facebook, or the new(er) hip kid on the block Instagram (or ‘Insta’ as the kids say). Which one is best for your business when it comes to marketing and advertising?

To kick things off, ask yourself three questions: What’s my medium? What’s my angle? And what’s my budget?

What’s My Medium?

Video → Go with Facebook. If you dig creating live video, then Facebook digs you! FB sends notifications to your followers when you ‘go live’ and prioritizes your live video content for days, and sometimes weeks, after your stream has ended. And. . . FB is heavily investing in video in 2018 (to the tune of 1 billion). Maybe you’ve noticed the new Facebook Watch TV feature and all original programming? Or maybe you live under a rock?

Photo → Go with Insta. If you’re all about jaw-dropping photos and pithy quotes, you’ll play well on Instagram, which enables your customers to find you with all the juicy hashtags. Also, Insta won’t bury your posts like Facebook does. Algorithm bonus!

The Written Word → Either platform will do the trick. Stick with blogging, and tell your story with both photo and video (with a link to read more) on Facebook and Insta.

Audio → Either platform. But it’s time to get visual! Clip your audio down to a tasty sound byte, then add an old-school visualizer to make it suitable for social media. Now just share on either platform with a link to where the eager masses can get the full story.

What’s My Angle?

Are you entering social media as an impersonal corporate entity (just don’t), OR do you have a mascot/personality/influencer to be the face of your brand? Social media has always been about human-to-human more so than business-to-consumer. You’ll find more active celebrities (human-to-human) on Insta, while smart B2C’s take a content-curation approach with a spin on Facebook.

Others have allowed their personal/corporate brand to go neutral while focusing on virality: ie George Takei or The Happiness Heroes. Not sure what your angle is? Let our branding and social team work together to build it fresh! We’ll deliver the goods for serious results. Yes, it’s possible to maintain a corporate page while still winning on social, but we won’t lie — it’s an uphill battle. Never blunt your brand for a few more eyeballs!

What’s My Budget?

Will you be all dressed up with no place to go? That’s what happened to pretty much every single Facebook Brand page. Take a sober look at the chart below, and realize it’s only gotten worse since.
That’s right, it’s now “pay to play” — so you better fork out a sizeable weekly advertising budget on Facebook, or else your reach will hover around 2 people, you and your mom. . . that is, when she remembers you. Ouch. But don’t worry, Coachella Media has your back. It’s a new game and it’s going to take some serious smarts to get reach on Facebook. And we’ve got those smarts, so whatever you do, don’t go it alone.

On the other hand, Instagram is a happy, fairytale land where you can still get decent organic social reach with hashtags. The best strive to rank on the coveted “Top 9.” But without the ability to direct link on your post, your new job is to capture the painfully-short attention span and bend ‘em to your will by coaxing ‘em to click that ever-lovin’ ‘LINK IN BIO’. We can help you there too (c’mon, we’ve been known to bend steel with our gaze alone). All that to say, it pays to keep in mind that Insta is now in cahoots with Facebook. . . Facebook literally owns them. So if you think that Insta won’t pull in the reigns on reach for business profiles, then boy do we have a bridge to sell you!

Well, hope this helps you to determine which platform is best for you. Remember to seriously reflect on these three questions: What’s my medium, angle, and budget? And from there, sally forth and follow your star! Or, if you want a dedicated team of experts who can make all the stars align for you, reach out to your friends here at Coachella Media.

Get in touch today. . .

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