Is Content Still King in 2018?

12 May 2018

Is Content Still King in 2018?

No doubt people spend oodles of time surfing the web, looking for a community to plug into and searching for A’s to their Q’s. So if your company hasn’t rolled out the content carpet, you’re probably definitely missing out on brand exposure and actual sales.

That’s right, content is still king in 2018. How king-y is it? Well, think crowns, castles, chariots — the whole bit. A well-planned content strategy and execution (blogs, social, video) is the royal flush of the digital world. . . and here’s why:

  • You build a community of loyal followers
  • Positions you as an authority in your industry or niche
  • You get loads of organic (non-paid) web traffic to your site
  • You can strike the right cord and go viral
  • You now sell more of whatever you’re selling

Sweet deal, yeah? You can have it all — IF you do it right.
So here’s a nifty checklist that’ll help you on your way to stepping up your content-marketing game in 2018.

Be a human, not a robot

Obviously, this means a human should get the byline, and not some impersonal company name. But it’s more than that. Write to your audience, not at them. Go with a conversational voice and tone, and why not try to get a laugh out of your readers? This will go a long way in humanizing your brand and attracting more followers or subscribers.

Feed the SEO Monster

Keywords are. . . well, key. Even just a few minutes of basic keyword research will help you find all the juicy terms people are searching for. But keep it simple and do NOT get carried away stuffing keywords in your posts like it’s a Thanksgiving turkey. You cannot and will not outsmart Google. Include 2-3 different keywords or phrases naturally and call it good.

More graphics, charts, videos

It’s no secret that attention spans have gone the way of the dinosaur. In other words, people will tune you out if you’re not delivering quality content that includes visuals or video. A graphic, chart, or photo here and there is the spice to t

Reply to comments

Have you ever left a thoughtful comment on a post, only to hear crickets from the author? It’s the pits. Don’t be that guy or gal, make it a point to keep the torch of dialogue burning bright by always replying to and engaging your audience. Do this and I promise you’ll be on your way to building a community of loyal followers.

Be Consistent

If necessity is the mother of invention, then consistency is the mother of kick-arse content marketing. Or something like that. Here’s the thing — no matter the platform, come up with an editorial calendar and stick to it. This doesn’t mean you have to post everyday, three times a day. But if you get in the rhythm of posting, say, three blog articles a week, then keep it up. Your audience will come to expect it, and you don’t want to leave ‘em hungry and waiting at an empty table.

Share! Share! Share!

If you write it, they will come. . . said no content marketer ever. Alright, to be fair, you will get readers through organic search (Google), but if you really want to maximize reach, you’ll want to share your content with your email list, your FB fam, LinkedIn connects and groups, Twitter, etc. But instead of blasting it far and wide on the web, think about the type of content, your audience, and where it fits best in the digital world.

Have fun with it

What’s the point in doing anything if it doesn’t just tickle you pink? Saddle up and slap on a smile. After all, brainstorming, writing, and sharing good content with the world is easily the best part of doing business in the digital age. Try to remember that.

Love it or hate it, content is still king in 2018. And it isn’t going anywhere anytime in the foreseeable future. So be sure to invest in a solid content marketing plan that’ll keep you competitive in your space. And if you want it done right, you can reach out to your friends here at Coachella Media. We’re top-notch when it comes to content strategy and creation for companies in various industries.

Until next time, keep on creating.

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