Explainer Videos

Did you know. . . Online video accounts for 75% of all web traffic?

75%?! Hot damn!

Get a piece of that sweet, sweet pie with a custom explainer video. Our explainer vids are the bees knees when it comes to grabbing the attention of your web visitors, and pulling ’em in to make more sales.

Go with something super saucy, or keep it clean and professional. . . or pick a style anywhere in-between! We tailor-make every video with on-brand animations and custom script writing.

So whether you’re selling real estate, digital services, pet rocks, or Doggles (dog goggles. . . it’s a thing), an explainer video by Coachella Media is a surefire way to sell more of what you’ve got.

Yep. . . video truly is the wave of the future. Surfs up brah!