T-Shirt Design

Did you know. . . wearing a t-shirt with your custom logo or design turns you into a walking billboard?

Of course you knew that. But did you know Coachella Media designs the most tee-riffic t-shirts west of the Rio Grande? Welp, the cats outta the bag.

We’ve got the t-shirt talent, the true artistes, ready to WOW you with a brilliant design for your company, your band, your club or sports team, your family reunion, or even for that burning desire to get your dog’s face emblazoned across your chest. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with reppin’ the fluff.

Whatever the design, a custom t-shirt by Coachella Media is sure to leave a lasting impression, wash after wash.

Order yours today, and become the walking billboard your 3rd grade teacher always said you could be.